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Ariane Delarue


Ariane Delarue is a French luxury lingerie brand that embodies the values of sustainable and responsible fashion by highlighting traditional haute-couture techniques and prioritising noble and eco-friendly materials. The brand encourages conscious and responsible consumption while preserving the French artisanal heritage and raising awareness among consumers about the importance of sustainable fashion


From Paris, Ariane Delarue acquired her first degrees at the schools of Duperre and the “Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” of fashion design and pattern making. Then moving to the UK, she obtained her Bachelor in Fashion design at the famous London College of fashion school.


After gaining a strong experience at international Couture houses, including Alexander McQueen, Ariane Delarue is now applying her skills for lingerie craftsmanship and design in the creation of her own label.

Ethical Ethos

"Slow fashion" lingerie

Ariane Delarue’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in her sourcing process, which involves locally sourcing fabrics and using sustainable raw materials wherever possible. The brand prioritises durability and biodegradability in its material selection, ensuring that the fabrics can last a lifetime and have minimal impact on the environment at the end of its lifecycle.

To further reduce its environmental impact and avoid overproduction, Ariane Delarue sources laces from existing stocks at local boutiques or OEKO-Tex certified fabrics. The silks are 100% Italian and the laces are European.

The brand’s production is thoughtfully designed to avoid wastage and offer unique limited edition pieces that truly qualify as collectibles. The new collection is available for sale with a made-to-order approach to ensure production is aligned with customer demand.


stamp v3 Ariane Delarue
the atelier


The brand Ariane Delarue creates elegant, refined, and timeless lingerie pieces that highlight femininity and sensuality while respecting the female body. The collections are often inspired by French lingerie from the 1930s and 1940s, where fluid and comfortable high-quality materials combined with flexible cuts gave birth to creations promoting women’s emancipation. Comfort and well-being are key elements for feeling beautiful and alluring. Ariane Delarue constantly seeks to find the perfect balance between comfort, elegance, and sensuality in her creations.

Ariane Delarue lingerie designer
our atelier

process of creation

Every piece of Ariane Delarue collection is lovingly crafted by hand. Perfection and finesse espouse rigor and passion.


Ariane designs and carefully fits each garment herself in her atelier; keeping sustainability and environmental impact in mind at every step, beginning with the design process.


The entire collection is hand-designed with artisanal Haute-Couture techniques from shape and fit to pattern-making. Ariane ensures that every customer gets an exquisite experience with her brand. The collection is carefully cut by hand in the atelier and sewn together in their entirety by one maker.


Ariane Delarue creations are then packed just for you in her studio in Barcelona and sent to you in exclusive gift boxes.